Digging Deep into Digital ID

Taking a closer look into the Digital ID discussion

Originally published by Libre Solutions Network

Join Gabriel & Liam Sturgess in a discussion taking a look at the video Canada Fell Behind on Digital ID by Canadian Civil. The video contrasts Canada’s government log-in systems against Australia’s RealMe single sign-on, making the argument that Canada should make changes. This video, presents an opportunity to learn from advocates for strong Digital ID systems, and to refine our understanding of the merits and pitfalls of that position.

Take the opportunity to watch our response to Canadian Civil’s video. You’ll likely be surprised about how much you can learn by listening to fierce advocates on ‘the other side’ on this issue and others. It is far better to be equipped with awareness of your opposition’s arguments, rather than to be disarmed by ignorance. We’ll encounter some of the very strong arguments behind changing the way Canada currently does things, but also our concerns about how that change may take place.

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I’d highly recommend listening to this excellent podcast by Lily on the ongoing development of Digital Identity systems across the globe.

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