The Wellness Company

Altruistic alternative healthcare empire, or intelligence operation?

Originally published by Beyond the Maze on Substack

With research and archival support from Liam Sturgess.

The Wellness Company (TWC) is a one-and-a-half-year-old healthcare venture founded by a Canadian businessman named Foster Coulson. It offers a number of different services and products, ranging from dietary supplements to telehealth. TWC is particularly notable in the context of the COVID-19 crisis due to having some of the dissident health movement’s largest and most well-respected names in the United States and Canada on their leadership team, including Dr. Peter McCullough, Harvey Risch, and Julie Ponnesse.

By claiming to push back against the establishment healthcare system while offering a parallel alternative, TWC’s target clientele is the growing demographic of people made skeptical by government-decreed pandemic measures, such as masking and vaccine mandates.

USA Today featured TWC in a July 26, 2023 article, describing the company in surprisingly positive light: 

“In the crucible of the global health crisis, a spark of resistance against established norms was ignited, culminating in the rapid growth of a unique healthcare entity: The Wellness Company (TWC). It stood and continues to stand unapologetically, advocating for medical freedom and affordable healthcare.” 

Though TWC’s stated purpose of becoming a fully-fledged parallel healthcare system sounds appealing, a closer look into this company reveals the involvement of some very questionable individuals. This, in turn, leads to explosive revelations regarding close ties to Big Pharma, and deep connections to the intelligence community—including TWC’s former Chief Marketing Officer, who brags about having secured “over 300 million dollars in contracts for Information Operations, PSYOP, and intelligence support.”

This story is long, but I am consciously publishing all current findings in one article as opposed to a series, in order to mitigate information warfare meddling. If, like me, you’ve been trying to get to the bottom of why the dissident healthcare movement is so saturated with chaos agents and bad actors, it behooves you to take the time to read this article in its entirety.

Tim Ballard’s sizzle fades

I’ve done everything in my power to ignore Tim Ballard, his non-profit organization Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), and the film The Sound of Freedom since its release in July of this year. I was bombarded with paid ads for the film on Twitter and Facebook, along with a torrent of pleas to donate to OUR, so I decided it was very likely just another propaganda piece aimed at sensationalizing and politicizing a very unfortunate reality in our world. In addition, there were bits of disconcerting information coming out about Angel Studios, its funders, and the filmmaker’s potential ties to unsavory deep state characters. Enough for me to take a hard pass.

That said, Tim Ballard and OUR have recently piqued my interest via other means. The first invitation to take a closer look came when I read an article written and published by Liam Sturgess, which reveals a surprising and bizarre crossover between the personnel of a biotechnology company called Predictive Technology Group (which claims to hold one of the largest biobanks—a biorepository for storing biological samples—in the world), and leading members of the OUR organization.

I found it compelling and disturbing that so many people appeared to have one foot in the anti-child trafficking world, with the other in the biotech world. To add to the weirdness, many of these same individuals appear to be members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), commonly known as the Mormon Church. Not only are a good number of the people running OUR Mormons, many of them are recent employees of the same genetic bio-banking company, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

I’ve since learned through talking with friends in Utah that generally speaking, the Mormons have a reputation for being very interested, and heavily invested, in all things genetic, stemming from what one friend called “an obsession with heredity and genealogy.” I’ve also learned that there is thought to be a long-standing close relationship between the Mormon Church and US intelligence agencies. This piece in Deseret News published in November of last year does a good job of exploring the question and in addition, illuminates general insights into intelligence recruiting practices. It is no secret that Tim Ballard worked for many years as an undercover operator for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and prior to that, as an officer for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It should be noted the Deseret News is owned by LDS and is also based in Salt Lake City.

The second recent encounter with Ballard that led to further interest is this article published by VICE News in mid-September that outlined the troubled relationship that had developed between Tim Ballard and the elder LDS leadership. VICE obtained a statement issued from LDS President M. Russell Ballard (there is apparently no relation), denouncing Tim Ballard for allegedly leveraging his relationship with both Elder Ballard and LDS as a whole. According to Elder Ballard, Tim inappropriately sought to use the LDS name and power structure to garner public interest and increased funding for OUR. Elder Ballard admits he and Tim Ballard were previously close friends, but claims he has since cut ties with the younger Ballard. An excerpt of the statement published by VICE also claimed that Tim Ballard often displayed “messianic behavior.”

Around this same time, a series of anonymous women came forward with allegations that Tim Ballard engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior and “spiritual manipulation.” This has been covered widely in mainstream media.

It takes a keen eye for propaganda to see why OUR is likely more than simply an organization trying to save children. In May 2021, Slate published an article written by a fellow Mormon journalist whom Ballard recruited to attend a raid in 2014. According to her, the line between truly wanting to help children and producing content for entertainment purposes was very thin—and needless to say, sensational entertainment generates money. Ballard apparently wanted to turn OUR’s operations into a reality TV show. He described the sensational optics surrounding the thrill of OUR’s operations as “the sizzle,” which he described as a form of capital for attracting engagement and donations.

Queue The Sound of Freedom. According to the Slate article, Ballard is represented by WME, one of the largest talent agencies in the world, and a book he wrote, Slave Stealers, is currently in production to become a miniseries. These interesting crossovers between the supposedly altruistic intentions of OUR and the entertainment industry blur the line between reality, reality TV, and propaganda.

Back in October of 2020, a prosecutor in Davis County, Utah revealed that his office was investigating OUR after receiving unspecified complaints. The case was formally closed in March of this year. It was later revealed that the investigation was run jointly with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Some of the documents from the investigation have only recently been made public via the same VICE article. Many comments made to investigators from former OUR members further paint the picture of Tim Ballard using the “sizzle” to lead people to the covenant, meaning the Mormon Church. For example, David Lopez, described as having previously led the “ops team” at OUR, said:

“Tim said multiple times, ‘It’s his job to use the sizzle of the rescue to lead people back to the Mormon covenant,’” Lopez said, according to Purdy’s report. “Dave stated that according to Tim, that’s what this is all about, that’s why he’s doing all the movies and all the storytelling. 

Text messages Lopez provided to investigators show an associate of Tim Ballard’s elaborating on the convoluted scheme. (VICE News is not naming the associate because he could not be reached for comment.) The texts stated that partners, including Elder Ballard, would control a for-profit entity that would have “main control of OUR”—and proposing to bring together, if necessary, Elder Ballard and a business partner of Lopez’s with whom he was planning an island development.”

Of course, it’s plausible that Elder Ballard and LDS distanced themselves from Tim Ballard simply due to the bad optics brought on by the allegations of sexual misconduct. But the VICE piece outlines a different set of concerns leading to denunciation by the church. Multiple former OUR officials provided statements to investigators supporting Elder Ballard’s accusations that Tim Ballard abused his relationship with the church.

According to the text messages Lopez provided, Elder Ballard was a proposed partner in a new for–profit entity (proposed name “Slave Stealers”) that would control OUR and a selection of other related non-profits. Alarmingly, the VICE article provides a picture of a whiteboard that identifies a number of popular non-profits including The Nazarene Fund and Mercury One, both of which were founded by conservative commentator Glenn Beck. Tim Ballard acted as CEO of The Nazarene Fund until July of this year, with David Lopez serving as Director of Operations. The Nazarene Fund describes itself as OUR’s sister organization.

The money-making scheme apparently didn’t pan out. With all of the weirdness, accusations, and denunciations coming from both within and without of Ballard’s own circles, it seems likely that OUR, having surely just made boatloads of money in donations, will dissolve and quietly disappear. But not to worry: OUR’s former “ops team” lead, David Lopez, has just launched a new anti-child trafficking venture called Mission Safe Harbour. Have a quick watch of their intro video to get a feel for this new, ostensibly altruistic organization:

The island

Lopez has also been involved in another organization, Mission Six Zero, which offers services in military-style “deliberate discomfort” training to executives and high powered individuals. Located in South Jordan, UT, their motto is “get comfortable being uncomfortable.” According to Lopez’ biography on the organization’s website (emphasis mine):

“David Lopez served as a U.S. Navy SEAL and is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Tactical Operations, Classified Global Counter-Terrorism Operations/Terrorist Countermeasures, Protection, Security and Close Quarter Combat (CQC) tactics. Mr. Lopez has a tremendous depth of experience in these areas and has highly specialized training in support of classified intelligence operations. Beyond this, his intense military training and experience is invaluable since he understands critical process performance and can advise on optimization for a variety of areas beyond these fields. Since leaving the U.S. Navy, Dave has trained over 20 SWAT teams around the U.S. in advanced tactics and Close Quarters Combat (CQC). He has also instructed numerous Special Response Teams (SRT) of the Department of Homeland Security. Dave Lopez has conducted multiple rescue missions with Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that pursues sex traffickers around the world, which directly led to the rescue of over 200 children and the arrest of over 50 traffickers. He now serves as a special projects manager for Blackwater and conducts security operations around the world for select clients.”

In January 2020, Lopez was interviewed by Jimmy Rex for a podcast episode titled “Former Navy Seal and Current Developer of a Resort Island in Haiti Discusses Men, Masculinity and Finding Meaning”. Lopez talks about his life, how he wound up in the military, and opines on the difficulty he experienced transitioning back to civilian life after the high-velocity life of a Navy Seal. As he describes veteran placement and hiring programs, one might get the impression that guys like him get addicted to the adrenaline of high stakes operations and have a hard time letting that lifestyle go.

In Lopez’s case, he didn’t let it go. He took his skills and experiences into private contracting spaces and kept the “sizzle” alive through work with organizations like Blackwater, where he claims to manage special projects; leading private training sessions for Mission Six Zero; and Operation Underground Railroad, leading operations. Perhaps Lopez and Ballard got to know each other while both working for the Department of Homeland Security, or one of the other agencies that the two share in their portfolios.

While describing his time working for OUR on the Jimmy Rex podcast, Lopez claims that he was the organization’s lead operator in Haiti. This led him to develop connections with government officials on the island nation, landing him a development contract for his company, WatersMark, to transform a small island off Haiti’s southern coast called Île-à-Vache, into a tourist resort destination.

Île-à-Vache (French for “Cow Island”) is located five miles across the Bayes de Cayes opposite from Haiti’s southern coast. It is an unimaginably beautiful, until recently undeveloped, tropical paradise with bright white sand beaches and some of the clearest turquoise water found in the Caribbean. Aside from its exquisite beauty, Île-à-Vache has a sordid and painful history. In 1863, one day before Abraham Lincoln would sign the emancipation proclamation, he entered into contract with an entrepreneur and Florida cotton planter named Bernard Kock, giving Kock 450 soon-to-be-freed slaves for a plantation venture on Île-à-Vache. As summarized by The Washington Post, Kock had “promised the roughly 450 newly freed Black emigrants on board that, in exchange for working on a cotton plantation, they would receive homes, health care, schooling — and, at the end of their four-year contract, 16 acres of land and back wages.”

But the freed slaves found themselves in worse conditions than the ones they left, with most returning to America when given the chance. 

“Those who landed found their lives worse than the ones they had left. Instead of the promised homes, they were made to sleep on dirt in small huts fashioned from palmetto and brush. Kock was despotic in his work demands. Hunger grew rampant; malnourishment took root; plans for a revolt took shape. A U.S. government official visiting the island found the settlers “with tears, misery and sorrow pictured in every countenance.”

Though most of the former slaves were repatriated over time, some remained on the island. The current residents of Île-à-Vache are descendants of these former American slaves as well as Haitians who have integrated with that population over time. Though stunningly beautiful, the island is terribly difficult to cultivate for food, and has very little fresh water. It is a paradise that requires its residents live in a constant struggle for sustenance.

To this day, the descendants of these freed slaves have survived with little to no infrastructure support from the Haitian government. In fact, they have considered themselves altogether neglected by the infamously and consistently corrupt Haitian government.

In 2013, the regime of Martelly-Lamothe decreed that Île-à-Vache was to become the property of the government for the purposes of developing it into a tourist destination. Private property would not be recognized, and the people of the island were forced to leave or move into government-sanctioned housing developments. 

What unfolded on the island in the aftermath of this decree is an amazing testament to the spirit of a people, despite being burdened with extreme poverty, to collectively rise up and resist forces attempting to take away what little they did possess. The islanders formed resistance organizations such as KOPI, the farmers’ resistance movement on the island. They organized, they protested, and they sent delegations to the mainland to negotiate on their behalf.

Residents of Île-à-Vache marching to protect their land

These efforts were met with revolving groups of militarized police squads sent in to quell the “uprisings.” Farmers woke up to bulldozers tearing down their homes. There were claims of assassination attempts on lead organizers, imprisonment without trial, and many accounts of extreme beatings by the armed government squads. The Haitian government continued to put various forms of pressure on the residents of Île-à-Vache, who continued to organize a formidable resistance to the government’s plans.

This was all documented by more than eight independent human rights groups that were eventually brought in to assess the situation. Though the corrupt Martelly-Lamothe regime had made false claims about drug money and gangs funding the resistance, every one of the human rights groups vindicated the people of Île-à-Vache and called on the Haitian government to cease and desist, and to pay reparations for damages done. Among the recommendations included in the groups’ report were (translated from French):

  • Respect the Fundamental Rights of the people of Ile à Vache, including their rights to health, education and labor, and the right not to be subjected to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.
  • Explain clearly to the people of the island, the entire project.
  • Compensate the victims of expropriation and destruction of farms.
  • Take the necessary measures against officers who have abused the population.

The harrowing story of these people and their struggle to maintain the rights to their own land is the subject of a soon-to-be-released documentary, called Exploiting Eden.

Click the “CC” button on the player for English subtitles.

This film, directed by Raquel Gomez Rosado of Spain, is currently making the independent film festival rounds and will be available to the public soon. Please take the time to watch the trailer and make an effort to see the film when it comes out. The story of the struggle of these people reflects the unfortunate reality that real racism and colonialism is alive and well today. For further background regarding the same kind of playbook at work in Île-à-Vache, I highly recommend the film, Life and Debt which documents the horrific aftermath and effects of Jamaica’s contracts with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Trade Organization (WTO) back in 2001. At that time, those international economic agencies were sending underdeveloped countries around the world into extreme debt in the name of globalizing the the economy.

Due to the slow, persistent tactics of the nefarious forces at work to weaken the spirit of the people, Île-à-Vache is currently under development to become a tourist resort destination, with the master developer contract held by none other than our good friend David Lopez’s company, WatersMark. This is how WatersMark describes its Île-à-Vache Initiative:

“The Île à Vache Initiative will be to Haïti what Disney World is to Orlando, Florida.”

How could a US citizen who claims to have been in Haiti fighting child trafficking wind up in a position to land the contract for the long, tumultuous, and clearly much-desired development of this island?

Image taken from WatersMark’s website

According to Lopez’ LinkedIn profile, he co-founded Watersmark S.A., one of a number of similarly named, interconnected entities spread across the United States. His name also appears on the corporate registration for Watersmark Inc, based in none other than Salt Lake City, Utah, and as an officer of Watersmark Works LLC in Rockledge, Florida. Another biography lists Lopez as Chief Operating Officer for WatersMark.

Île-à-Vache appears to be the current primary project of the company.

WatersMark describes the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as its “Elan Vital” (or “life force”). As is clear from WatersMark’s website, the SDGs are honored, harnessed and used as guidance for the company’s impact investment ventures. Given the prominent role of the UN’s SDGs, it is very difficult to imagine the UN isn’t backing or centrally involved in the Île-à-Vache project, especially given the long history of UN involvement in Haiti and Île-à-Vache in particular. 

Leveraging all the predictable impact investment language—which is often nothing more than a modern colonist’s deceitful way of making their extraction agenda sound positive while not having any genuine interest in helping people, or the environment in earnest—WatersMark presents their tourist development plan as if it’s in the best interest of all parties involved. It bears repeating that the life and energy at the heart of this initiative comes directly from the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals— the “Elan Vital.” The WatersMark website even references the International Monetary Fund, which, as previously mentioned, has an egregious history of destroying small, “underdeveloped nations,” plummeting them into debt and destroying the meagre systems of economic sovereignty the nations may have had previously. An illuminating quote lifted from WatersMark’s website:

“Taking its namesake from the island, The Île à Vache Initiative is a comprehensive master-plan for sustainable, island-wide, socio-economic impact organically effectuating each of the U.N.’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We invite all, our 10,000+ residents, the diaspora, digital nomads, day trippers, leisure tourists, venture capitalists, 2nd home owners, and adventure seekers alike to join this historical, landmark movement as Haïti awakes to its long awaited Renaissance.”

The Haitian people are no fools to deceitful behavior. They have survived decades of government corruption; UN peacekeepers; corrupt “aid” organizations masquerading as saviors; meddling from foreign countries; and neighbors, such as the Dominican Republic and others in the region, using Haiti’s fragile infrastructure as an opportunity to traffic guns, drugs and human beings. The Clinton Foundation’s involvement in Haiti’s disaster capitalism following years of devastating earthquakes and hurricanes is a well-known controversy. The Haitian people have seen little to nothing of the hundreds of millions of dollars raised through emotional manipulation by organizations all too willing to use photographs like the one below. Though an honest depiction of the people’s circumstances, the plight is often not shared out of genuine concern. The people of Haiti know this playbook very well.

Photo depiction of poverty-stricken Haiti

It’s hard not to notice the massive airstrip planned for Île-à-Vache. Perhaps it’s been built already, though it’s not yet visible on Google Earth. What will come in and out of the island via air transport to justify such a significant expansion of the airstrip? After all, the Island is a short two hour flight from Miami.

One also wonders, with all the resorts, the golf courses, the stadiums… where are the displaced natives of Île-à-Vache to live now? Are they “the help” in the mega resorts? We could tell ourselves that yes, it’s surely been difficult, but things change, and the islanders are in a better position now having access to employment, regardless of the whether or not this life is one they chose for themselves or wanted at all.

Current view of Île-à-Vache from Google Earth

It’s mind-bending that David Lopez—an ex-Navy SEAL who worked for the Department of Homeland Security, Erik Prince’s Blackwater, and ran operations for Operation Underground Railroad (an organization claiming to rescue children being trafficked in Haiti)—claims participation in what could easily be described as the displacement and further oppression of the Haitian people with the apparent support of the UN and IMF. 

In the Jimmy Rex interview, Lopez describes his contracting with the Haitian Government to develop Île-à-Vache:

“So there’s this island in the south of the country, that I kind of helped bring the right kind of partners and teams… team down that wanted to implement a strategy that could develop that island into a multi-billion dollar resort with a new airport, new cruise ship terminal, in the south of the country, that was gonna basically create a massive stimulus program for the government of Haiti, who is a partner in this project. So this will be, when this thing is up and running, it’ll be over ten percent of Haiti’s GDP for this one project, which is just crazy. So we’ve been working on this project for a while, it’s been like the last year. The government has signed a lease agreement with our group, and we are pushing forward heavily, and we happened to time things at a very good moment where different entities in the US are looking to invest directly into Haitian infrastructure… that’s a US backed construction project. So timing-wise it’s just really, really beautiful. So I’m hoping we can utilize this kind of project to help kind of unite entrepreneurs to work in some of these countries in a different capacity. Because if you notice, like sometimes when people want to get involved in a philanthropic way, or in a giving to an organization, sometimes certain countries they need our entrepreneurial mindset more than anything. So using for-profit ventures in certain countries to stimulate the economy makes tons of sense, especially in Haiti. Especially if we can use our capabilities to bring the right investment down there and stabilize the economy and provide upward mobility to the Haitian people. That’s really the entire theme of this project. So it’s phenomenal, I can’t believe I got roped into it, I’m very thankful to be a part of it.”

Currently, Haiti does not appear to be in any way better off due to investments facilitated by the likes of WatersMark. There is little evidence of upward mobility as Lopez describes it. In fact, the current state of turmoil in Haiti has increased to such a fever pitch that the UN recently approved a resolution drafted by the Biden administration to send 10,000 elite troops from Kenya to Haiti to help “combat violent gangs.” Funded by voluntary contributions, the US has pledged up to $200 million in support of this intervention.

Also of note, on July 7th, 2021, then Haitian President, Jovenel Moise, was assassinated after having been warned of a possible coup attempt against his life involving foreign mercenaries in Haiti. What involvement, if any, does Lopez and his colleagues have to these elements of the unfolding story of Haiti?

Foster Coulson and the Alternative Healthcare Empire

Coulson posing with his Ice Blast machine

Foster Coulson recently came into public view as the face of The Wellness Company (TWC). When Coulson launched TWC last year, he went on a media blitz to promote his new venture, offering interviews on many platforms including notable hosts such as Tucker Carlson. Though TWC has garnered predictable criticism from the mainstream media for touting itself as a leading voice in the COVID dissident movement, they somehow managed to earn favorable coverage in USA Today—something which no other organization questioning the status quo of the national COVID-19 response has been able to accomplish.

What most people likely do not know is that over the course of the last three and a half years, Foster Coulson has founded multiple companies and investment firms with David Lopez, and that most of Coulson’s ongoing business dealings involve David Lopez. In other words, Lopez is Coulson’s partner in almost every venture Coulson has been involved in launching—including The Wellness Company, a venture which Coulson and Lopez co-own.

In January 2022, Lopez and Coulson jointly founded a company called International Health Brands (IHB). Coulson had previously co-founded an investment firm called Integro Capital in October 2021, with Lopez joining as a co-owner at the same time or shortly thereafter. In June 2022, the two founded The Wellness Company. 

Image taken from an archived version of IHB’s website

International Health Brands is the umbrella for multiple companies which seem to act as sister ventures of The Wellness Company; the most notable among these is Zelenko Labs, which produces and sells the Z-stack line of supplements, co-founded with the late Zev Zelenko. Another IHB vitamin/supplement venture is 3LIT3, borrowing its name from UFC fighter, Vitor Belfort, who co-founded the company with his wife, Joana. 3LIT3 was launched in December 2022, pledging to donate ten percent of proceeds from vitamin sales to their anti-human trafficking non-profit organization called Together 4 Them. T4T is listed on IHB’s website as a charitable partner. There even appears to have been aborted attempts at other ventures, like the now memory-holed Liberty Tree, and less-developed companies like Zinc Research International (ZRI). Finally, IHB owns Rebel Lion, a venture originally conceived as an apparel brand by Plandemic filmmaker Mikki Willis. It now also sells vitamins and supplements.

Integro Capital’s website lists just three businesses in their portfolio: International Health Brands, Momentix Capital (which lists Coulson as a director in corporate filings) and a biotech company called Qu Biologics. Coulson sits on the board of Qu Biologics, while Lopez’s LinkedIn profile discloses that he is an investor in the company.

The partners pics from their Integro Capital Bios

Qu Biologics is one of many high-powered genetic medicine research companies currently furthering the forward march of the same gene-based medicine technology that underlies the mRNA COVID-19 products rolled out by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, and is predictably couched in language around helping sick people and ushering in a better healthcare future for everyone. But its managing team and board are stacked with personnel working in the fields of bio-pharmaceuticals, infectious disease, molecular biotechnology, nanotechnology, and the like.

The obvious questions here are:

Why would Foster Coulson, who claims to be developing the largest alternative parallel health care system in the United States…

  1. promote his empire of goods and services to a market segment which is manifestly averse to gene-based medicine;
  2. place himself on the board of a company working to further develop such technology; and
  3. position himself and his companies to financially benefit through investments in their research and products, unbeknownst to his TWC clientele?

It is certainly important to ask what the crossover is between Qu Biologics and the alternative healthcare messaging coming out of The Wellness Company’s public relations machine, but I predict that generally scrutinizing any links between gene-based research companies and alternative healthcare settings will become even more important moving forward. This prediction stems from an observation of a currently unfolding trend that I think is essential to understand: an attempt to marry the alternative healthcare movement with the same genetic technology that underlies the various COVID-19 injections, through nuanced and attractive invitations that seem safe to the dissident community, yet are delivered via mechanisms of deceit.

In Foster’s own words in his bio on Qu Biologics’ website, he highlights Integro Capital’s mission and success as his reason for being there:

“Foster is currently focused on guiding revolutionary health and wellness companies. He co-founded Integro Cap in 2021 with the mission of revolutionizing the health and wellness industry – consistent with his never-ending fight to create positive change on a global basis. Within its short life span, Integro has already made large strategic investments into revolutionary cancer and auto-immune disease treatments, health, wellness & nutrition, video health consulting, affordable living, and advanced self diagnostics & testing.”

You know what’s not consistent with a “never-ending fight to create positive change on a global basis?” Partnering with an individual who is explicitly implementing the UN’s SDGs to, at best further enrich himself from stolen land, at worst participate in the stealing of land from ex-slaves in order to develop high-end resort tourism, on par with Disneyland.

If all of the complex interconnected business and financial dealings outlined here are too difficult to follow, the takeaway is that Coulson and Lopez are in a very, very close partnership. They’re founding and investing in a range of companies together which stand to profit heavily from the mass collection of data, whether behavioral or biological, gleaned from the dissident health community or anyone else for that matter. If you suspect this is an exaggeration, I encourage you to take the time to read through The Wellness Company’s Privacy Policy.

How did this very close partnership develop between the two men?

A Miraculous Meeting in Bolivia

Hailing from Port Alberni, British Columbia, Foster was until recently a member of the board of his family’s multi-generational company, the Coulson Group. Originally founded by his grandfather in the 1960s as a logging business, the Coulson Group branched out into a variety of industries, achieving worldwide success with their aviation and aerial firefighting services.

The Coulson Group has a variety of other ventures under its belt outside of lumber and firefighting. For example, in 2015, Foster spearheaded the launch of Coulson Ice Blast, an industrial cleaning company based on a patented technology the family had acquired in 2012. Coulson Group also owns a casino and a movie production company called Coulson Entertainment.

Working his way up the family business, Foster moved from Coulson Group’s construction materials department to the aerial firefighting department, then produced this hot number through Coulson Entertainment last year:

“In a world on fire, the last line of defense is an aerial firefighting team, because burning up is not an option.”

It’s notable that forest fire mitigation is a huge business which has seen significant growth in recent decades, a trend which is likely to continue exponentially into the foreseeable future.

Needless to say, Foster has clearly continued in his family’s tradition of entrepreneurship, taking advantage of business opportunities as they appear before him. Unfortunately, this initially put Foster on the wrong side of the COVID-19 response. On March 20, 2020, Foster sent an email to a representative in the office of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seeking to sell various “ice blasting” products to the Government of Canada for the purposes of “cleaning & sanitization.” Foster claimed to be working with contacts in the White House to deploy his machines “to help with the cleaning portion of this pandemic.” After informing Foster that the proper avenue for his sales pitch was through a separate agency called Public Services and Procurement Canada, he switched gears and pitched a “small, portable [v]entilator that will be able to be used for two patients at once, opposed to the one vent per person method.” Once again, he cautioned that the White House was interested, seemingly suggesting the government should act with urgency.

In The Next Wave is Brave, a book co-written by leaders of The Wellness Company and published in September 2022, Foster describes the circumstances around his meeting David Lopez. He claims he was down in Bolivia securing a deal with the Bolivian government for Coulson Group to fight fires in the Amazon, and Lopez accompanied him as his personal security guard. There, Lopez introduced Coulson to Zev Zelenko, which Coulson described as a “Miraculous Meeting in Bolivia.”

From the introduction written by Coulson,

“Then, fate intervened. My originally scheduled security person fell sick and was unable to join me. I reached out to my contacts and was able to find a replacement; little did I know that he would become one of my best friends and business partners shortly down the line. Dave is the most stand-up, badass, ex-Navy Seal you can imagine; he’s an absolute gem of a human. Dave and I struck up a friendship immediately and he became the catalyst for me jumping feet first into the health and wellness space.”

According to direct quotes from Foster himself in The Abbotsford News and Times Colonist, he had been in Bolivia for three years working with the Bolivian Ministry of Defense. But that is not how he tells the story in his book. The dates do not align, but needless to say, at some point over the course of 2019 and 2020 Foster was in Bolivia and met David Lopez.

David Lopez opened up a whole new world for Foster—the health and wellness world. That’s how Foster explains arriving there; that Lopez showed him the way in. Giving Foster the benefit of the doubt here—that perhaps he means well, wants to make high quality supplements and create an alternative healthcare system for the betterment of the world—it could be speculated that Foster simply doesn’t know about Lopez’s many ties to agencies such as Blackwater, the Department of Homeland Security… not to mention his creepy island development deal. Perhaps David Lopez is not Foster’s handler, per se, just his very good friend. After all, is it really that nefarious to have links to these agencies? Really, how actively involved in special ops, private contracting and intelligence circles is David Lopez?

One of David Lopez’s WatersMark business partners is a man named Jacob Collins, who runs a company called Covert Intelligence Service. Though the company’s website has been almost entirely scrubbed, a link to a recruitment letter from the company dated 2014 still exists via Collins’ LinkedIn profile. The letter describes something called the Covert Intelligence Society, and purports to be “a private membership of intelligent, innovative thought leaders. Society members are trained by former CIA case officers in the art of clandestine service to enhance their business and daily lives.”

The selling points in CIS’ letter target a demographic one can only imagine as being listless due to too much power:

“When the status quo is worse than death. When travel to exotic places should be for a purpose. When making money was never your endgame. When more expensive toys is just tacky. When measuring the full distance of your potential is a must. When life should be a true adventure.”

As described in a Forbes article from 2014, CIS “allows private citizens to pay to be trained by elite operatives,” including “a network of former CIA covert operators, NSA, MI6, Delta Force, KGB, FBI Special Agents, US Customs Special Agents, Navy Seals, Forensic Accountants and International Law Enforcement Professionals.”

For a cool $100,000 dollars you can pay to receive training by top level intelligence officers from around the world to become a spy agent. For $250,000 you can train to become an officer, because when excessive wealth no longer fulfills you, and when buying “more expensive toys” is starting to feel “just tacky,” why not pay a quarter million dollars to find new meaning in life by joining an elite society of spies? 

This is just a small sample of the skills CIS offers to teach its members. Here’s a full list:

“Source Management Skill, Source Networking Techniques, Bump, Source Development, Recruiting a Source, Intelligence Skills, Intelligence Analysis, Offensive and Defensive Counterintelligence, Maintain a Cover, Defend a Cover, Lock Picking, Escaping Restraints (Rope, Handcuffs, Flexi Cuffs, Zip Ties, etc.), Hotwire a Vehicle, Covert Vehicle Entry, Improvised Weapons, Defensive Firearms Training, Clandestine Tools of the Trade, Covert Gadgets, Weapon Disarming, Rappelling, Helocasting, Clandestine Meetings, Brush Pass, Dead Drops, Car Pick-Up Meetings, Clandestine Communication, Concealment Devices, Termination of a Source, Interrogation Resistance Techniques, Hostage Survival, Human Targeting.

Platinum Officer Membership includes Extraction Package and Breitling Emergency II, the world’s first watch with built-in emergency Cospas-Sarsat microtransmitter. Extraction includes one covert extraction from any location or situation on earth.”

 Members are also invited to a special event called Spy Week, where “participants will be educated and trained by intelligence officers” including Porter Goss, former Director of the CIA; Michael Hayden, former Director of the CIA and NSA; and Oleg Kalugin, Major General in the 1st Directorate of the KGB.

“Also speaking will be Bill Harlow, Chief Spokesperson for the CIA and an unnamed former MOSSAD officer on current events. We will be travelling aboard a river ship down the Danube River from Budapest, Hungary, through Croatia and Serbia, to Bucharest, Romania. We will stop along the way to visit Cold War spy points of interest and to hear stories from both sides of what actually happened there. Our cruise will continue out to the black sea to Odessa, Ukraine, to a Secret Russian Submarine Cave. Our Kenya and Tanzania “Spy Week” will include Powered-Paragliding training and safari missions.”

In case this spy company offering a new and meaningful life filled with real bad guys and extraction packages isn’t enough to raise serious concerns regarding the close association of the The Wellness Company to a literal network of intelligence spies, consider that until very, very recently, David Lopez had himself listed as co-founder on LinkedIn of a company called Liberty Blockchain. He has recently removed it, but the above linked archived page shows it was there. It should be noted that unless you explicitly tell it not to, LinkedIn notifies users who has viewed their profile.

Due to the timing of it all, its very plausible Lopez was aware that researchers were viewing his profile and decided Liberty Blockchain was no longer something he wanted to be publicly linked to. Still listed on his profile are The Wellness Company, Integro Capital, Qu Biologics, IHB, and WatersMark, which would be enough to raise eyebrows for most people. So what could Liberty Blockchain possibly reveal, that would somehow be notably worse? Could there possibly have been something that Lopez was trying to hide?

“Liberty Blockchain, Guardians of the Metaverse”

Liberty Blockchain was developed by Pioneer Development Group, whose Chief Marketing and Communications officer is a man named Christopher Alexander. Per his LinkedIn experience page, Alexander’s work highlights include:

  1. Leading “audience research, communication planning, and media buying initiatives for pharmaceutical and healthcare clients” including the US Department of Defense, Department of State, and Department of Health and Human Services;
  2. Being “[s]pecially selected to operationalize an Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capability for Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency Intelligence”;
  3. Having “[d]eveloped innovative approaches for the State Department to identify Russian propaganda in the Baltics and assisted one of the largest commerce associations in the US to track political narratives”;
  4. Having “[s]erved as a key advisor on the contract to support Kratos Defense, a company known for producing some of the most advanced autonomous drones in the world”;
  5. Having “led insight and influence efforts across multiple countries in support of the Global War on Terrorism”;
  6. Having “successfully secured over 300 million dollars in contracts for Information Operations, PSYOP, and intelligence support”;
  7. Being “[r]ecognized as a leader in disinformation, misinformation, and counter-propaganda campaigns”;
  8. Having “earned acceptance into the first-ever Army Information Operations unit” which “encompassed covert influence, Public Relations, and Cyber Warfare capabilities”;
  9. Additional consulting for the U.S. Army, National Guard, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, USDA, NATO…
Alexander’s “Experience” section on LinkedIn

One foot in social science based media buy-in initiatives for Big Pharma, and the other in $300 million dollars’ worth of psychological operation units does not bode well. If that’s still somehow not a big enough red flag for someone, consider that this gentleman was listed as TWC’s Chief Marketing Officer until he was recently swapped out in an update to the website. Same exact photo as his LinkedIn.

Christopher Alexander listed as TWC’s Chief Marketing Officer before the update to the Website. This photo has been edited after publication following a request from one of the individuals previously pictured, who clarified they are no longer employed by The Wellness Company.

Let’s review.

Christopher Alexander was removed from the TWC website. Lopez removed his role as co-founder of Liberty Blockchain from his LinkedIn page. There’s one additional bit of info that recently went missing, too: Foster Coulson’s LinkedIn profile previously listed his role as owner of the Caribbean Development Company, which claimed to be working on developing a 10,000 acre island. You’d be hard pressed to convince me Lopez and Coulson happen to both be independently developing their own 10,000 acre islands in that area of the world without any collaboration, but I guess anything’s possible.

Savio[u]r or Sizzle?

After all this, its hard not to wonder what The Wellness Company is truly up to.

It must be noted that it’s not just investment firms and health-related companies that Coulson and Lopez share in their portfolios. If this were the case, one might still possibly manage to squeeze out some kind of excuse for Coulson, on the basis that there could be more distance than appears between him and the special ops, private security, private military contracting, psychological operations groups (POGs), and intelligence aspects of his network.

But there is one more company I haven’t yet mentioned that Lopez and Coulson also share in their portfolios. Lopez and Coulson are two of four sitting directors of a company called Cold Harbour Inc., which was incorporated in Florida in September 2022.

It is highly notable that this US-based company spells its name using Canadian English (“Cold Harbour” vs. “Cold Harbor”) and that this same abnormal spelling is found with Lopez’s Mission Safe Harbour. Additionally, Kenneth Cuccinelli, listed above, is Lopez’s partner in Mission Safe Harbour, further tying the two organizations together.

This appears to be the associated website. With very little information on the website, its difficult to confirm, but it’s clearly yet another special ops-based private security contractor using very similar visual language as most of what’s been covered in this piece.

If this website is indeed that of the same organization that Coulson and Lopez co-direct, then it ties Coulson directly and deliberately into the flashy, violent, financially lucrative, controversial world of Erik Prince, Tim Ballard, and Foster’s good buddy, David Lopez.

I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll be purchasing my vitamins from someone who can resist the seduction of “the Sizzle.”